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With over 7 million interior design photos, a kaleidoscope of home décor tips and oodles of advice from professional designers, Houzz is the go to website for homeowners in search of the best interior décor guidance money can buy. If you’re a professional looking to broaden your client base and develop a dynamic online presence that gets business rolling in, setting up a Houzz profile is an absolute must. As always, content is king and to help you build a profile that has browsers falling head over heels for your services we’ve put together a guide to writing compelling descriptions.

Make it imaginative

Interior design is an inherently creative sphere which gives you bucket loads of creative liberty when it comes to writing a profile. As well as the professional stuff, think outside the box and come up with techniques that will really wow readers.

Play on emotions

Decorating a home is an intensely personal experience which means that to win over clients, playing on the heartstrings is always advisable. Use emotive words and elaborate descriptions to paint a picture of just how valuable your service could be to their home decorating strategy.

Create a catchy tagline

Entice browsers onto your profile by coming up with a catchy tagline that you can paste just under your official name listing. For example, we love how Britto Charette Interiors – Miami Florida has used the phrase “high-end interiors from Miami to anywhere in the world” to sum up their services in one seriously appealing nutshell.


Be concise

Sure, we’ve given you permission to get creative and emotive with your profile but that doesn’t mean going too overboard. Be sure to include a clear description of your services so clients know exactly what you offer. Bullet points are always a good idea.

Include stunning pictures

Humans are an intrinsically visual bunch and love to feast their eyes on beautiful images. Show your potential clients what’s possible by including a myriad of gorgeous pictures in your profile. Make pictures easy to browse by categorising them into different albums.

Shout out about any awards

Have you received any awards for your work? Or perhaps you’ve just drummed up some glowing feedback? No matter how big or small your accomplishment use your profile to shout out about it. A small section on your achievements is a great way to convince customers to choose you over the competition.

Ready to get readers excited for your services? We can help you write compelling content that’s guaranteed to have clients captivated.