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Whatever sector you operate in, marketing should always be an integral part of your budget. This is particularly relevant for small, independently operated interior design businesses. Competition is fierce and clients are spoilt for choice which means you need to get creative when shouting out about your services. That said, a marketing strategy is nothing unless accompanied by a set of tools and techniques designed to measure and automate your efforts. So how can you determine whether or not your strategies are hit or miss? Read on for our guide to tried and tested ways to measure the impact of your marketing efforts.

Use tracking software

Measure how your target audience is responding to content by tracking their reactions using platforms such as Buffer. HubSpot or Infusionsoft are great for tracking how recipients respond to emails.

Use acquisition channels

Generate a precise idea of where your clients are coming from by tracking each and every acquisition channel. From blog posts, press, organic search, paid ads, partnerships, email newsletter, social media and more, stay on top of conversion rates. You can then use the data to determine which channels are most valuable when it comes to conversions.

Google analytics

It may not be the most original tracking method but it sure is one of the most effective. Use the platform to optimise your spending and ensure you generate the most conversions possible at the lowest cost.

Inbound leads

By tracking the responses of inbound leads you can determine how effective your strategies are. For example, changing content of welcome emails, attaching explainer documents and personally calling potential clients can all lead to different outcomes. Note what works and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

Look at cost per acquisition (CPA)

CPA is considered the king of marketing metrics. It’s essential that you gain insight into how much each customer costs to acquire. Without this information you’re essentially throwing money away.

Seek customer feedback

Actively seeking out customer feedback is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to gain an idea of what’s working and what isn’t. Social media is a great tool to utilise when sourcing information from your client community.

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