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Today’s consumers are seriously tech savvy, there’s no doubt about it. This means that every brand should back itself with a hard hitting online marketing strategy designed to create a buzz around whatever product or service is being pushed. Of course, no all campaigns are created equal. If you want to work the power of online advertising at its absolute hardest, it pays to underpin your strategy with some core rules.

Want to know more? Read on for our insider’s guide to the 10 commandments that every online marketer should religiously follow.

Be relevant

Keep your digital marketing campaign utterly up-to-the-minute by tapping into current trends, news and movements. For example, the super cute Johnsons & Johnsons ‘royal baby’ campaign that coincided with the birth of little Charlotte was pure genius.

Arm yourself with a strategy

Every online marketing plan should be underpinned with a clear cut strategy that outlines overall goals, as well as measurable statistics. This includes determining target audience, breaking down revenue sources, drawing up budgets and pinpointing growth opportunities.

Go mobile

Did you know that the latest data from internet and mobile measurement firm comScore Inc. revealed that nearly half of digital shoppers at the USA’s top 10 retailers are mobile only? Be smartphone friendly. Enough said.

Move up the search rankings

Digital marketing is all about building a dynamic online presence, which means that moving up the search engine rankings should always be on your agenda. Use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to monitor your progress.

Get social

Social media platforms are one of the most valuable tools an online marketer can arm themselves with. Use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more to connect with your customers on a personal level. Get engagement soaring by producing original written, photo, and video content.


Showcase on other sites

As well as growing website traffic through referral traffic, lists, links and mentions on credible external sites will seriously boost your site’s SEO.

Be original

Give your audience fresh content by continuously publishing original content. The internet is saturated with information so to make your product or service stand out from the crowd it’s essential to offer exclusivity. From pictures, memes, videos, blogs and white papers, originality is the name of the game.

Track ROI

Actively track ROI by utilising Google Analytics. Every SME owner should have a comprehensive understanding of what their cost per acquisition is, and how this can be improved.

Advertise intelligently

Be smart about where your advertising budget goes by utilising tools such as SEMRush. These will help you pinpoint valuable keywords, scope out the competition and ultimately increase your ROI.

Be flexible

The world of online marketing is ever changing which means it’s crucial for marketers to arm their strategies with scope. Be adaptable and make sure that your brand is utterly on-trend at all times.

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