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Valentine’s Day can be a very lucrative holiday season for affiliates. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF) the average man would spend double of his female counterpart on Valentine’s Day gifts. Men may spend $126 and women $85 for a gift. With gifts ranging from jewelry to entertainment, increase Valentine online shoppers with a few techniques.

According to the NRF, online shoppers start thinking about Valentine’s gifts around February 5th or end of January. Jewelry sales might see a boost around February 6th in comparison to January sales.

Increase Valentine online shoppers by switching focus to the male audience

Consider a few tips to increase online shoppers during peak holidays:

  1. When a website accommodates mainly women and to boost your male traffic (such as Jewelry Online shops) consider some changes to reflect a different buying audience and change the marketing copy and promotional strategy to target more to men. Also may want to split the website and direct visitors to a specific path based on the type of shopper they are.
  1. Attract the male audience by expanding publisher reach to include male-oriented websites.
  1. Prepare early because online shoppers are starting earlier each year. For Valentines Day, the ideal time is no later than the end of January. Missed the boat? Then get the ball rolling the first week of February with quick promotions using social media and boosting the promotions on the site’s homepage.
  1. Create specific offers geared toward the publishers and affiliate channel. Most online shoppers will start their purchasing decisions with online searches.
  1. For publishers, this is a chance to get an increase in points with advertisers and boost commissions by keeping banners current and tracking effectiveness of ads and acting accordingly to make the most of the sales during peak holidays.

E-commerce continues to evolve and shoppers are becoming more on the go and inpatient. Learn to follow the new shopping patterns and trends based on online behaviors during peak holiday seasons. Continue looking at relevant data and applying best practices to uncover new opportunities that benefit both the advertisers and publishers in the online arena.