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Interior design is an art in itself, with most professionals training for years on end to get to the stage where they can create aesthetically beautiful spaces. As such, it’s absolutely understandable that these interior artisans will want to ensure that their project images aren’t used without their permission.

Unfortunately this is an all too common scenario that many interior designers encounter several times throughout their careers. While it’s all too easy for frauds to steal pictures and publish them without the permission of the owner, it’s also all too easy for owners to track down frauds and force them to either pay up, or take down the image. Here’s how:

Google reverse image search explained

Google is one seriously clever company. Not only is it the world’s favourite search engine but it has also integrated an array of additional services into its offerings, including reverse image search. As well as using the search engine to track down pictures at random, you can also use it to find any scenarios where your photographs are being unlawfully used.

How to use it?

There are a handful of different ways to use Google reverse image search, as outlined below:

1. Search for an image saved on your computer

  • First head to
  • Click the camera icon to bring up the image picture box
  • Click upload image
  • Choose a file from your computer

2. Use a URL

  • Visit
  • Click on paste URL
  • Enter in the URL where the picture you’d like to find is located

3. Drag and drop an image (for Chrome and Firefox 4+)

  • Simply drag an image from your computer into the search box

interior design photo

4. Right-click an image (for Chrome and Firefox)

  • Right click on an image published on a website or search page
  • Click ‘Search Google for this image’
  • Your browser will then open a new tab to display results

5. Using B- Firefox

  • Download the ‘Search by Image’ extension to your laptop or PC
  • Right click on an image on a website or search results page

6. Using a phone or tablet (Chrome only)

  • Touch and hold the image you want to search
  • Select ‘Search Google for this image’

Now you’re an expert in tracking down unauthorised images you can ensure that you and only you receives credit for all your interior design efforts.