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Brunette girl working over laptop computer on the beach.

Many small business owners experience some downtime during summer due to a change is schedule for the kids or getting less uninterrupted time due to family vacations or vendor vacations. People tend to be in vacation mode during summer and productivity slows down.

However, this can be the time for you to revisit your business goals and go after those improvements that you did not have time for during busy season. As small business owners and freelancers, you need to keep yourself active even during downtime. Here are a few techniques to keep you going:

1. Learn something new

Explore those tools that you have been handing over to others because you don’t know how to use. Teach yourself through online courses and webinars about search-engine optimization and marketing tools. The internet is an endless resource. Check out sites like Media Bistro and Lynda to take courses and learn new skills.

2. Review your Past Inspirations

As business owners we are always thinking of ways to improve our business and sometimes our brilliant ideas comes to us when we don’t have the time to execute them. Revisit these ideas and test them out during summer. If you have not kept track of your ideas, start by creating a journal in Google Docs or Evernote to start brainstorming for the future.

3. Give your LinkedIn a Facelift

Take time to update and improve your social profiles in LinkedIn and Facebook. If you company does not have either one, create one and start sharing it with clients and potential clients. With today’s fast paced business world, many people exchange LinkedIn Profiles over business cards.


During the year you have so many projects and priorities going on that there is little to no time for just writing. Take this slow time to blog about your accomplishments, business interests and future plans. People like to learn from others, give them the opportunity to learn from you through some insightful blog posts.

5. Immerse in New Experiences

Take some time for your personal inspirations. A good business owner also takes time for the things that give him the rush and keep his mind going. Go check out your local museums, attend a concert of your favorite band, explore new cuisines and just learn to relax and have fun.

6. Read

Entrepreneurs receive tons of training manuals, books on how to be more efficient, how to improve your inner Buddha and much more; but time is always a limitation. Take summer to catch up on those good reads that educate you and those that just help you relax.

7. Take a Fun Summer Class

Keep your brain active even during vacation mode. Check out your local community colleges and take a class in Photography, Religion, Culinary Arts or whatever interests you that does not have to do with your business.

8. Prepare for tax season

Don’t stress yourself at the beginning of next year getting all your tax papers organized. Start now and organize your receipts, tracking mileage for client meetings and anything that gave you headaches last tax season. It is best to work on it now than to be stressing when you are busy with work too.