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Benefits of Gamification

Increase Engagement

Game mechanics on your site or in your marketing campaign make people a part of the action. People are engaged with a brand because they feel it is a part of their identity

User Loyalty

When a site or campaign is fun and people feel vested, they keep coming back and picking you over the competition time and again.

Influence Behavior

Gamification gives the target audience an incentive to do new things like leave comments, vote on polls, or try new products.

Time Commitment

When activities are fun and people feel that their actions give them a sense of achievement, they enjoy investing time in those activities.

Viral Marketing

How can you get your users to tell people about your product? Game mechanics can work with our natural desire to compete and cooperate with our friends, getting them to invite people they know to play.

User Generated Content

Whether you run a citizen journalism site or want testimonials for a social media campaign, user generated content can help you expand your business. Entice people to participate.