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From the world’s richest Fortune 500 companies to brand spanking new SMEs that are just getting started, you can bet that Google AdWords campaigns are at the top of the marketing priority list. Of course, not all Google AdWords campaigns are created equal which is why it’s so important to ensure that your spend is generating your business genuine ROI. So how can you ensure that you’re maximising your Google AdWords ROI and making every pound count? Here are our top tips:

Utilise Google Reporting

Google AdWords is accompanied by a variety of ultra-useful reports that you can use to identify weak areas. For example, Search Term Report generates a list of all the search queries that led to the display of your ad. It’s a great way to pinpoint irrelevant keywords, as well as identify opportunities for new ones.

Use Campaign Report

Campaign Report is a great way to gain insight into where to channel you PPC efforts. Breaking down the report into hourly or daily segments will help you isolate your most lucrative conversion periods and geographical areas.

Understanding Match Types

Developing a thorough understanding of Match Types is an essential part of creating Google AdWords campaigns that generate ROI. Without this knowledge you run the risk of inadvertently targeting irrelevant search queries and wasting cash on unprofitable keywords. Below are the three types of matches, and an explanation of how to use them.

Broad Match – These types of matches allow your ad to pop up for searches on similar words, phrases and variations. This encompasses synonyms, variants, spelling errors and so on. For example, if you use “hiking shoes” your ad could also show up in a search for “hiking boots” which would work to your advantage. That said, you may also pop up in a search for “hiking shoe repairs” which wouldn’t be any use to you if you don’t offer a repair service.

Phrase Match – When you purchase Phrase Match bids your ads will only appear in searches that contain the exact keyword phrase, as well as a handful of variations.

Exact match – Want to get super specific? Exact match will display your ad only to browsers who have searched for your exact keyword or phrase. While this limits traffic it ensures relevance.

There are a number of ways you can maximise the effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaign. If you want to give your website an even more competitive edge check out our range of specialist digital marketing services that are designed to get Google AdWords spends working at their absolute hardest.