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When it comes to winning over new interior design clients a powerful cross promotion strategy is an absolute must. Content is an essential part of growing your business, expanding your customer base and ensuring that when people want to create beautiful spaces, you’re there to deliver.

So how can you ensure that every piece of content you publish is seen by as many people as possible? Check out three of our tried and tested cross promotion strategies that will help your content get seen.

Utilise Social Media

In the interior design sphere, social media is a hugely powerful tool that’s extremely effective and 100% free. First of all, ensure you’ve got at least three platforms on the go. Ideally, these should include but not be limited to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The latter is particularly important as interior design is a visually oriented arena and so is Instagram! Every time you post a new blog, complete a new project, launch a new service or create a new video, use your social media accounts to share it with the world. Social media management tools such as HootSuite are a great way to publish across multiple social media platforms in just one click.

Link to Other Content

Internet browsers love to follow trails, which means that your content should always be peppered with links to other pages, documents or information. For example, if you publish a new blog about a hot new interior design trend, include a link to a previously published post that features a similar theme. You can also include “calls to action” that link to your Houzz profile. “If you want to create this trend in your very own home check out my Houzz profile for a list of services” is a great example. As well as linking to your own content you should also link out to external sites, blogs, profiles and so on. Ideally, they’ll return the favour!

Guest Blog on Other Sites

Want to tap into a whole new web browser network? Guest blogging on external sites is a fantastic way to promote your website, Houzz profile, social media pages and more. The opportunity opens up a whole new platform that introduces you to potential clients you may never have been able to reach. Reach out to bloggers by introducing your services and highlighting why their reader base would be interested in what you have to say. Ensure that all content is interesting, informative and not too salesly.

Want to ensure all your content travels as far as possible? HipDot Media can help with our hard hitting cross-platform content promotion strategies that are custom designed for each and every customer.