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Do you run a fabulous interior design business but can’t quite seem to drum up the clientele you need to get it up and running? We’re here to help! Read on as we explore 25 free marketing strategies that you may not have dabbled in yet. Who knows, they could just be your new best friend.

Get Social

Sure, you probably have a Facebook profile but are you utilizing Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and all the other social sites out there.


Is your content subtly peppered with key words that will help push your website and other business profile pages up the search engine rankings?

Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships

If you’re an interior designer why not team up with a construction company who can recommend your services to their clients? Offer them a commission or cross-promote their services in exchange.

Get on Houzz

Are you on Houzz, the world’s leading platform for homeowners, interior designers and construction professionals? If not, join the 35 million strong revolution!

Exhibit at Trade Shows

If you haven’t got the budget to exhibit at big trade shows consider hunting down free admission to smaller events.

Flyer Drop

One of the easiest as most effective ways to drum up new business is to spread the word in your local community by doing a flyer drop.

Launch Promotions

Brits love a good deal and by launching special promotions and offers you’ll give your business an edge over the competition.

Create an Email Database

Stay in touch with old and new clients by creating an email database that you use to send out newsletters, special offers, latest project updates and more.

Blog about It

Captivate clients with a dynamic blog that offers up to the minute information.

Reward Existing Customers

Want to maximize repeat business? Offer current clients plenty of incentive to stay!

Provide Free Information

Position your business as a genuine and authentic entity by offering free information on a myriad of topics.

Link Exchange

See if you can set up link exchange arrangements with non-competing businesses that still relate to your industry.

Be Active in the Online Community

Expand your industry presence by keeping up appearances in the online interior design community.


And a few more tips…

  • Suss out your competitors
  • Grow your networks
  • Run social media competitions
  • Set up an online map listing
  • Blog externally
  • Investigate mobile marketing
  • Publish a mini eBook
  • Seek out online endorsements
  • Create an aesthetic logo
  • Enter business award competitions
  • Publish positive reviews
  • Host educational events

Ready to experiment with these offbeat marketing strategies? Our team of all stars can help you bring your business vision to life with a killer marketing strategy that employs all these techniques, and more.

Photo by JoeInSouthernCA