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Social media is one of the most powerful tools an interior design business can leverage. However unlike the personal side of social, creating a killer business strategy isn’t quite as simple as posting a cute pic and watching the ‘likes’ roll in. So how can you use social media to win over new clients and get business rolling in? Read on for 15 tried and tested techniques that are guaranteed to create a buzz.

Branch Out

As well as using eternally popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter,branch out and rock visually oriented sites such as Instagram, Pinterest,YouTube.

Research What Platforms Your Clients Love

Take the time to check out what social sites your customers favour and adjust your focus accordingly.Measure progress Most social sites feature tools that actively measure response rates, page visits and other analytics. Use these to gain insight into what’s working, and what’s not.

Stay Active

Whether you choose to keep two social media accounts or ten, ensure that all are active and dynamic. There’s nothing wore unprofessional than a profile that hasn’t been updated in weeks.


Get fans and followers chatting by asking questions, answering questions,tagging fellow users, sharing links and so on.

Run Social Competitions

Drum up as many social media fans as possible by running competitions that are exclusive to Facebook, Twitter and any other social platforms you use.

Pepper Posts with Keywords

Don’t forget to use key words and phrases throughout your social media posts.This includes updates, captions, comments and more.

Be Useful

Create trust and appreciation by sharing content that’s useful as opposed to promotional.

Be Consistent

Give your social media accounts a voice by adopting a tone and sticking with it throughout.

Don’t Forget Branding

Just because it’s social media it doesn’t mean your branding should be pushed to the sidelines.

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Strengthen Your Accounts

Anyone can set up a social media account, but it takes time and effort to build ones that make an impact. Be sure to add as much information as possible to ensure yours blow the competition out the water.

Utilise Apps

There are some great apps out there that make managing social media accounts a breeze, Buffer is one of our all-time favourites.

Connect with Fellow Professionals

As well as connecting with clients use your social accounts to build relationships with fellow interior design professionals.

Return the Favour

If someone likes or shares one of your posts consider returning the favour. This is a great way to create mutually beneficial relationships with both clients and fellow professionals.

Cross Platform Post

When you’ve got a hot post on your hands don’t just limit it to one platform.

With the right strategy, social media platforms can do wonders for your interior design business. HipDot Media can help get yours there with social specific
services that are guaranteed to get people chatting!

Photo by Jason A. Howie